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Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Dog Farm

So you know how when you're a kid and you see a stray dog and your parents stop to pick it up but then when they find out there's no collar on the dog they call animal control to pick up the dog because they've told you every time that, "No, we can't keep this dog" so then you start imagining what you're going to do when you're a grown up and one of those ideas pops into your head like the end of one of those 101 Dalmation movies where you tell yourself you'll make a million dollars and buy a huge plot of land so that hundreds of unwanted and lost dogs can roam happily and freely without a care in the world?

Well, my uncle pretty much made that dream come true for him. He lives in Colombia and moved out to this semi-remote area where he could have a larger plot of land so he could keep every stray street dog he found. I think his current count is something like 27 mutts roaming on his property out there. This ain't no rescue organization (although if he comes across a puppy that someone want's to give a forever home to, he'll help out) he's literally taking dumped dogs off the street and giving them food and shelter. People have brought him dogs and he doesn't turn them away. He's no dog whisperer either... all he gives these dogs is lots of love and they're all happy as can be.

I thought these pictures were pretty cute, so I figured I'd share.

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