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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I've Been a Bad Bad Blogger

Ok. I've been bad. I missed Friday AND Monday blogs in June. Fail. I'll have to make up blogs in blog-cram-school over the weekend.

Plus, this blog is going to suck because I forgot what I originally wanted to write about so I'm just filling up space hoping it will come back to me.

It won't.

I cried a lot watching a movie tonight. I cry easily watching movies. I'm not regularly a crybaby but movies or TV can really get me. I totally shut down the outside world and give in. It doesn't matter if it's a terrible movie or a great movie... tug at my heartstrings with the right formula and I'll cry. Usually this involves some sort of uplifting or tragic parent-child moment... or a dog getting hurt... or a dog getting his feelings hurt. Also, if I cry, the movie can still suck big time... so my emotional involvement doesn't necessarily mean I like the movie. (Case and point "Harry Potter and The One Where That Kid Dies and His Dad Cries." That was the official title, right? Hate that movie.)

Tonight I watched "Ma Vie En Rose" (not to be confused with "La Vie En Rose") about a seven year old kid with a gender identity crisis growing up in a very loving family that just has no idea how to deal with his issues. It was portrayed so realistically with characters that you could easily identify with. Anyway, this isn't a movie review but it moved me to tears and I still liked the movie.

There are movies that make me cry so much that I can never watch again (The Green Mile, Dumbo and Glory. If you need me to explain, I will.) There are movies that I'm embarrassed to admit they made me cry (Anchor Man) and movies I cried in that I'm bitter I wasted my tears on (probably too many for me to list.)

So, tomorrow, I will have puffy swollen eyelids - which will suck. I love how red and plump my lips get when I cry... why can't they stay like that for a day after crying and my eyelids go down to normal? So lame.


  1. lol...i have the same problem!

  2. wow.. i cried watching UP.

    ps Harry Potter = Love

    hahaha had to do it!!!

  3. I teared up a bit watching Up too. Just thinking about Schindler's List makes me tear up. I bawled like an abandoned puppy after that movie...


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