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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Procrastination Person... FTW!

Late blog today.

I'm having one of those days where I have so much stuff on my list of things-to-do that I don't even want to start on one of them because the thought of having to go through the rest of the list is just too overwhelming to even want to break the productivity seal. Not that anything on my list is very difficult to begin with.

This I suppose is the real heart of my blog. Procrastination. There's nothing I would like more right now than to take a nap... even though I could be finishing up a long list of busy work I've been putting off. Once I get home, I have to clean the house and take care of a number of other tasks... and I am already thinking about how I really should play on the Wii first. Because I have one.

I even procrastinated when it came to writing my blog today. And now, I'm using my blog as a means of procrastination. It's a vicious cycle and it results in pointless blogs. No one likes that.

I need to figure out a way to use my procrastination skills for good. If I was a superhero named Procrastination Person, I'd have a really cute outfit and cute hair and my nails would be really cute with some kind of cute design on them... probably some bows and sparkles and such. These are important features for Procrastination Person because it shows that I have obviously taken way too much time to focus on my cute appearance instead of my super abilities.

Lame you say. Procrastination can't be a superpower.

Lame your face.

Procrastination Person can save the world through procrastination by using her super procrastinating abilities to convince bad guys to do their bad things some other time.

Imagine aliens came to invade Earth. The world governments would send me, Procrastination Person, to the front line to meet with their leader who (having seriously underestimated my procrastination abilities) would be prevented from ever even landing on Earth by my convincing them to Google their names, sign up for Facebook and reorganize their spaceship drawers. Sure, I might not be able to take them out by force, but I could buy enough time for the backup special forces to arrive.

Lets say a mugger was attacking a little old lady - I just use my procrastination powers to get the mugger to go home so he can watch some TV and deal with mugging later. Hug the little old lady. Once bad guy is at home watching Rock of Love Bus reruns, we call the cops. Busted!

One downfall of Procrastination Person would be that she procrastinates. SO it's important for her to have a day job so she can procrastinate by saving the world instead of having her day job be saving the world (because if that were the case, she would put off saving the world by, I don't know, setting up ringtones on her phone.) She also should work best within a team of other superheroes with the ability to kick butt when needed. Including hers. This all makes sense, yes?

I need to get my ass on Stan Lee's SciFi show - Who Wants To Be A Superhero. Procrastination Person for the win!


  1. Lame your face! FTW hahaha

  2. i'm gonna collect all your blog posts and put them together as a book and a make a buttload of money. d's writing skills FTW!!! lmao

  3. hahah I'm glad you guys like it.

    your faces are not lame at all. :)

  4. and "Michael" is actually D. Dang you google.


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