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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hot July Brings Cooling Showers, Apricots and Gillyflowers

Ok, so I fail.


It's now July and I did not blog every weekday in the month of June. I didn't even blog most weekdays in the month of June. I may have failed, but I'm not a failure. I like to set goals for myself, but I'm not dead set on achieving them. I just like setting them. My attitude about "achieving goals" might be directly related to my attitude about procrastination - I'm just not always that motivated. In general I'm fine with that. I know there are people who are totally perplexed by my attitude - typically the goal oriented folk - who are happy to list off their grand accomplishments and how setting and achieving goals is part of their life mantra. That's great. It's not mine. I love my life, enjoying the flow with or without achieved goals. I'm much happier with this attitude than I was when I thought I needed a benchmark for success or happiness. I didn't.

Now, an anal retentive need for organization, structure and a certain level of control? Yah. Me. No going with the flow there (ref: our wedding, most vacations, and anything that requires even a small amount of planning) although I'm getting better. :o)

So my July goals... that I may or may not achieve in July...

1. Finish my shirts and costume for ComicCon (and post pictures when they're ready)

2. Lose 10 lbs (hahahahhahahahahhhahahah... I think this is a goal I set every month)

3. Make pizza dough again (as a direct affront to goal #2)

4. Blog at least once a week (I can totally do that, right?)

5. Up for grabs!!! (Woo Hoo!)

Looking forward to it :o)


  1. This blog reminds me of this quote:
    "To pretend, I actually do the thing: I have therefore only pretended to pretend."
    -Jacques Derrida

    Even though you didn't blog everyday I thoroughly enjoyed the increased number of blogs this past month! Keep it up, people depend on it to maintain their sanity!

  2. I agree with Mike. Great job on the blogging. Also, great job on the costume. Maybe you could hit it big with a blog about costume-making? Just a thought.

  3. although my name may not be Michael (Marci is pretty close though, they both start with M)... i felt i also had to chime in here.

    i love reading your blogs they are very well put together, very enjoyable.
    i set goals for myself all the time and epically fail but i do hit a point were i find the energy to do it all hopefully that happens soon. can't wait to see your tshirts and costume!!

  4. Marci... you made me LOL... literally, and oh Michaels, thank you all :)


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