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Thursday, November 4, 2010


I just learned how to make a towel whip - aka. a rat tail whip.  Believe it or not, there's a technique to this skill.

I was watching TV while swinging around my wet hair towel and convinced Mike he should let me practice towel whipping while he sat in the recliner.

Not only did he oblige, he gave me tips and pointers to get the whip motion just right and get that satisfying snapping sound.

And after 5 or 6 tries I NAILED IT!

Right on his knee.

POW... he's now got a red welt on his knee courtesy of my rat tail whip and I've acquired a new skill I should probably add to my resume.  He laughed and ouched at the same time while I did a victory lap around the living room. 



  1. There's an urban myth that during a totally hetero towel whipping session in a boy's locker room that one person accidentally towel whipped another person's scrotum and it burst open to let his balls hang, sans sack. I don't know why I just shared that with you, but I think I was thinking about Mike's genitals(your husbands, not mine) a totally hetero concerned bro type of way.

  2. LOL... oh Mikechung.... LOL so much...

  3. mike's comment just made your post even more hilarious!! i once asked D if I could slap him b/c I've never slapped anyone before but then I chickened out b/c i didn't want his kids to ask "mr W, how did you get that hand print on your face?"


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