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Sunday, November 7, 2010


Being that Sunday is the day before a Monday, I find it hard to do much of anything.  My goal on most Sundays is to make it to Church and then do as little as possible for the remainder of the day.  Mostly I end up wallowing in my dread of Monday.  I know that most people agree that Blue Laws originated to enforce religious standards, but I might argue that Blue Laws were put into place by people who hate Mondays so much that they wanted an excuse to not have to do anything on a Sunday. 

Sure, I need to go grocery shopping, and it would probably be more convenient for me to do it now than it would be to go after work on Monday, but it's Sunday... and I'd rather not do anything.  Without Blue Laws, you might call me a lazy slacker, but if I lived in an area that still had Blue Laws, you'd look at me and be like, wow... she's great.  She can't shop on a Sunday because the grocery store is closed so she's willing to do it on Monday after a long day's work.  Give her a pony.

I've always wanted a pony.

Although, Blue Law would mean I'd have to assemble my own lunch today... which is not something I like to do on Sundays.  So, I guess I'll forgo the pony and let you call me a lazy slacker every Sunday.  Now if you'll excuse me, I've got some wallowing to do.

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