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Friday, July 24, 2009

ComicCon International 2009 - Day 1 & 2

Right at this moment Mike and I are sitting in an outdoor winding line for a Battlestar Galactica panel with the cast and crew of BSG at the San Diego Convention Center. Thanks to Google, we've got free wi-fi here at Comic-Con, so I finally have a moment to blog.

We arrived on Wednesday for the preview night where, as 4 day registrants, we could get our access badges and take a peek at the insane exhibit hall a day before the single day registrants could come in and pick up some neato freebies.

Thursday, we arrived at the convention center about 4 hours before any panels started and got in line out on the lawn behind thousands of insane Twilight fans who had camped out from the night before (hahah Marci). I really wanted to see Tim Burton's panel on his film Alice in Wonderland which luckily was the first panel up. It was totally worth it. The stuff in hall H was all in 3D HD which was amazing looking... and Alice looked FANTASTIC (along with Christmas Carol w/Jim Carrey, and TRON Legacy which looked great) and I almost peed my pants when Tim Burton brought Johnny Depp out on stage. GIRLBONER.

Sat through a bunch of other panels for movies I wasn't too interested in, sat through the Twilight which I'm pretty sure is porno for 13 year old girls and finally got to the James Cameron panel where we watched about 25 minutes of his movie Avatar in 3D which was AMAZING. Then a panel with Terry Gilliam showing clips of his film The Imaginarium of Dr. Pernasius. Terry Gilliam was rad and the movie looks super cool... so I'm set to watch movies for the next year.

The downside of these panels is that the attendees can ask questions on the mic - which in theory doesn't sound like a bad idea - except (warning, explicit lyrics ahead) for the two effing tards who got in line for EVERY EFFING PANEL and asked the most stupid dumb piece of shit questions my asshole could have thought up just so they could get their stupid ass ugly faces on the screen. Obviously I wanted to punch them. They suck. And if I run into them later at the convention, I might have to tell them how much they suck. No, don't effing cry when you ask Terry Gilliam what it was like to work with Heath Ledger you dumbass "actor studying @ San Diego State" no one wants to cast you and Tim Burton doesn't give a shit that you're an actor and you're his acting inspiration - your stupid question should not have been about what it was like to direct Johnny Depp. I want Helena Bonham Carter to crap on your face and Vern Troyer to kick you in the head. Anyway.

We finally got out of the convention center in the evening and ate at the restaurant at the base of the Hard Rock, which the SyFy channel bought for the weekend and converted into the SyFy cafe with SyFy show themed menu items. Good times.

There were not as many costumes on Thursday as when we were here last year. Today (Friday) there are a few more costumes since it's "Star Wars" day and there are storm troopers and other Star Wars themed costumes all over the place. I've been taking pictures with my fancy camera so I'll be sure to upload them soon. Mike and the other guys have seen a bunch of celebrities wandering around, but I never recognize any of them anyway. Must be a boy thing.

I'm exhausted, but having a great time and happy to not be in the office.


  1. bwahahaha - "HBC to crap on your face..." love it! So excited you're blogging about this!

    hi!, it's Rachel :)

  2. Girlboner! haha, I literally laughed out loud! Hope you guys are having a blast! I'm so jealous!


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