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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Mike has a very specific laugh when he watches ridiculous animal videos or looks at silly animal pictures.  I never hear the same laugh when we're talking or watching TV. It's kind of this low bubbling chuckle and it's one of my favorite sounds so I do my best to get every hilarious animal video and image to him STAT.  I even sit through episodes of America's Funniest Home Videos for clips of animal highlights whenever possible.

When we see a dachshund on the street, that laugh spills out almost naturally.  It's like he can't see a wiener dog and not laugh.  It doesn't have to be doing anything cute or funny. It just has to be... a wiener dog. 

When we have room for a second dog, it will probably be from a wiener dog rescue.  Apple happens to love dachshunds, so it should work out well (she'll find the one dachshund at the bark park or dog beach and it will be the only dog she's not intimidated by - our theory is that they're the only dogs that are shorter than she is.) 

It's awesome.

So... I bet I'll be able to hear Mike's chuckle when he reads this blog. 

Because of this:

I mean, I totally get it.  They're naturally hilarious.
(I own none of these photos... they were all just pulled up off Google Image search and, I  believe, chuckle inducing.)


  1. yes! you totally chuckled... and almost needed an inhaler. WIN.

  2. hehe how funny! i totally look up dog pictures on google images whenever i get a chance. i google words like "chubby shih-tzu" or "fat puppies" or "cute fluffy fat puppies". i know, weird! but sometimes it brings up the greatest images ever!!

    oh, and i don't know if mike has seen it yet, but check out this video of the "nom nom kitty" --

  3. wait, you have to show him this too LOL --

    i'm not even a fan of cats (i'm a dog lover), but they are so hilarious!!

  4. i can look at my dog and start to chuckle too... he makes the funniest face and now we tend to call him funny face!


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