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Sunday, August 1, 2010


We're in Boston waiting to check into our connecting flight to Iceland. 

We are in very serious need of a nap.

First class on Alaska Airlines is not as fancy as I had imagined, but I enjoyed the extra leg room and the service was nice.  I had imagined a first class area like the one we'd walked through for British Airways or for Singapore Air.  That kind of first class, this was not.  Still, I can totally understand why people with the extra money or miles splurge as often as possible for those wide seats near the cockpit.

Boston's Logan airport has free WiFi... so yay.  LAX & SNA could learn a lesson from them.  Seattle's airport also offered free WiFi. 

So yeah.  It's 8:30 AM here in Boston.  We're still on CA time (5:30 AM) we've slept about 3 hours on the plan ride from Seattle to Boston and now we're waiting to check in for our 2:30PM ish flight out to Iceland.  We're tired.  We're very very tired.  And nothing is open here.  And there's no Starbucks for that fake awake we need to make it to the afternoon.

Also, our main check-in bag was ripped by baggage handling gettting off our last flight.  So that's fun. We've got to find some place that repairs luggage and then send in our claim for compensation.  Where do we find a place that repairs luggage?  In  the mean time I whipped out my handy dandy travel sewing kit and stitched up the tear.  It won't hold up to anyone actually pulling the handle very hard, but it should hold it together for a little bit.  And now I've got sore fingers.  I should get paid for my luggage repair.

Brushed my teeth in an airport bathroom for the first time.  I feel like a pro traveler now. 

Arg.  I SO need a nap.  Do they have nap rooms at airports?

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