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Monday, August 2, 2010

Iceland! We Did A Lot Today & It's Only Day 1!

Because I'm terrible at remembering stuff in the right order to tell stories when there is just so much to tell, I decided that Mike and I would just sort of talk about it.  So we did.

Welcome to our room... it's like you're sitting with us FYI - it's about 11PM when we filmed this and yes, that's twilight in the background:

The town my cousin lived in was called Reykholt.

My cousin, Ingvar drove us around for the ENTIRE day.  And it was a long day.  I don't know how he is still awake since we were like little kids passing out on the ride home.

Here's a video I took of the geyser called Strokkur - I only got the little burst though.  The first burst was sudden and I screeched a little, it was pretty high.

Here's a video of the awesome waterfall, Gullfoss - or Golden Falls - which was pretty amazing.  It's cool how close you can get to the actual waterfall.

And a couple other fun photos from our adventures today.

 My cousin, Ingvar took this photo for us near the waterfall.

 Another photo Ingvar got for us at Thingvellier.

And yet another photo Ingvar got for us at the geysir.

 Mike in the shadow of Gullfoss.

Ingvar, Poppy, Gunna, Johnal, Jenny, ég (me, in Icelandic).

 My cousin, Bryna, made an incredible meal - so good I cleaned my plate. 
And then got dessert.
Anyway, this is Icelandic Coke - it's made in Iceland so the flavor is a bit  different. 
Not as sweet as what we've got at home. Pretty good.  Also, the 2L bottle is in classic coke bottle shape!

Originally we were going to try driving to the East end of the island to Eskifjordur where my dad grew up, but it looks like the weather will be pretty bad tomorrow so we'll be hanging around Reykjavik for the day.  Good thing too.  I need to pick up a flat iron.


  1. Hurray! Too bad you didn't see Skógafoss or Seljalandsfoss, it's sorta along the way. You can go behind Seljalandsfoss, which is pretty cool.

  2. Thanks, Dyana, for the info and pics! Love the videos, the boys will love them! Hope you are having fun!

  3. how cute are you guys! awesome videos. that was a little burst? I would've screamed too. And another flat iron. Oh boy.


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