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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Comic-Con 2010 - It's Saturday... Where did the time go?

Ah. The morning in line again.

This time for the Venture Bros – our favorite panel from last year – we’re in line 4 hours in advance… and we’re once again no where near the front.

The first day we spent the morning in a couple of big panels – one for Mega Mind, where Will Ferrell, Tina Fey and Jonah Hill came on stage and basically just told jokes about  each other and the movie.  Will Ferrell was ridiculous and hilarious.  A great way to start the morning and it was really cool seeing him and Tina Fey interact (also, Tina’s got great legs.) The second panel we stuck around for was TRON.  Since the entire nerd-o-sphere has already covered everything that is to be said about the TRON panel at Comic-Con, I won’t go into detail suffice to say it was REALLY COOL.

The rest of that day I spent in costume, kind of wandering around seeing old friends and checking stuff out in the Exhibit Hall.  I ran into a little boy who wanted his photo taken with me… and he had an autograph book…it was crazy how instantaneously I went back into Disney mode, but it was one of my favorite moments walking around in costume because that kid was just so sweet and in the middle of a bustling, flashy exhibit hall, he was really only interested in hanging out with me for a little while.  Very cute.

Friday, the goal for that day was to get into a panel for Bob’s Burgers – the latest Loren Bouchard creation that’s coming to the FOX Sunday lineup this fall, joining Family Guy and whatever other crap they play on Sunday nights after they canceled Arrested Development. 

Bouchard was responsible for one of my very favorite animated series EVER, Lucy, The Daughter of The Devil.  I was so into that show that I joined the un-official fan club online (there was no official one available anywhere) and logged in daily.  I dressed up as Lucy and made Mike dress up as DJ Jesus for Halloween and I would read every bit I could about Lucy to find out all the latest.  Because he is awesome, Loren Bouchard would actually log on to the un-official fan club site and update us on all the news related to that project on the boards.   He was so great to his adoring fans, giving us as much information as he possibly could and keeping us up to date with the status of a second season, dvd, music, etc... all the stuff we wanted. Unfortunately, Adult Swim did not see the brilliant potential for LDOTD and did not pick up the show as a regular project for their lineup.  FOX, however, saw the magic.

Loren Bouchard and Me - I ran up and totally geeked out for a photo with him after the panel

A producer from King of the Hill (Jim Dauterive) was a fan of LDOTD and suggested that FOX invite Bouchard to pitch some ideas for a new animated series – and he did – and they liked it.  Thus was born, Bob’s Burgers.

I’m VERY excited.

The thing that sets Bouchard’s animated work apart from pretty much any other type of animated show you’ve probably ever seen is that he creates the characters with a cast in mind, writes the script, but then he lets his actors improvise as much as they want and then animates everything afterward… so the show you end up watching has so much vibrance compared to a show where all the voice actors are reined in by the script. 

We watched a sneak peek of the first 8 minutes and literally did not stop laughing the entire time. Jon Benjamin has been in pretty much every series that Bouchard worked on and he has a ridiculously great voice. The rest of the cast (Kristen Schaal, Eugene Mirman and John Roberts) is also lots of fun with  an insane natural comedic sense. 

So, yah.

Mike will tell you that we ran into a whole host of celebrities – including the True Blood cast and the director of Tron and some people from Star Trek - that were all staying in our hotel… but I can’t really remember all their names.  Mike met Kevin Smith… and some other people.  I can’t really remember celebrities.

Because I like cartoons.

My brother, Matt and Rhonda dressed up yesterday from Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along-Blog. They looked great and were very well received.  Because my brother looks so much like NPH, so many people commented about how he looks just like Dr. Horrible and was “the best Dr. Horrible” so that was a lot of fun.  They actually ran into Felicia Day and because Rhonda was dressed up as Penny they got a photo with her and Felicia commended Rhonda on her excellent costume. It’s rare to see Penny… she was like a rare collector’s item.  Matt was a hit with the old ladies… as Captain Hammer would be in real life haha.  They all looked great

I may throw on my costume one more time since I was looking for a specific spot that I wanted to take a photo and we couldn’t find it when I was in costume last.  Of course, I found it yesterday… so we’ll be going back (hopefully) for just a moment to snag that photo. 

And now the line is moving.  So, the end.

Go Team Venture!!!

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