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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Happy New Year!

Ok. I'm a bit late. I know.

After our trip, catching up with daily life just seemed to take much longer than expected but I think things have finally returned to a normal pace.

So. 2010. Exciting. We rang in the New Year in London by starting the pre-party in our room at 5pm... then falling asleep... and then waking up (purely by accident) a few moments before the New Year, groggily making our way out and cheering "Happy New Year!" then groggily making our way back to bed and sleeping. Note to self for future New Year's Celebrations... 5pm is too early to start the party. You have to go until at least midnight. Pace yourself.

I thoroughly enjoyed London - which is probably explains why I was able to spend less time blogging, and more time enjoying than I had in Paris. We did a tour of Stonehenge, Bath, Windsor Castle and a Beatles/London Rock & Roll tour which were all awesome.

Public transport - well primarily the Underground and the taxi system - were great. In my trips to Japan I found I had a major love affair with well organized and clean public transportation and found myself dreading having to get behind the wheel of my car upon my return - London's Underground was simple enough and clean enough. Paris' Metro... no thank you.

We endured the increased security process on our flight back home - which delayed our departure about 3 hours. We'd go through normal security (which is amazing, and fast at LHR) with the reduced carry-on baggage allowance, hung out in the terminal (which is also amazing at LHR) for a few hours and then before we were allowed to board our plane, we had to undergo a second hand inspection of all our carry on and a pat down since we were flying into the USA. Really now. Once we got on the plane, we sat there for 2 hours while they finished patting down everyone else who was set to board the fully booked 747. Luckily we had lots of stuff to watch on our netbook, so the time flew by.

Looking forward.

I have no resolutions this year. There are already too many things on my to-do list for me to have time for an actual resolution and I forgot to write "think of a resolution" on my to-do list, so it didn't make the cut.

There's a lot of things to look forward to this year.

As with every year, of course, my birthday (turning the big 2-8) our 3 year wedding anniversary (I think that's the "Leather Anniversary" - no joke. I guess that means I get to buy me lots of shoes... er... I get to buy US lots of shoes) and San Diego ComicCon (get jealous.)

This year Mike is also turning 30. That's a three-oh. My mind has been working on a game plan for his 30th for almost a year. We'll see where it goes, but it will most likely involve you, me and Star Wars (because as Heather so eloquently put it last year "every man should have a Star Wars party for his 30th birthday." Dave had one and it went down in the history books.) Mike's birthday is a few days before Halloween and it always conflicts with some of the big Halloween parties so I've got to figure out a date that'll work. Start planning your Halloween costumes to fit with some sort of Star Wars related theme so you can get double use out of it.

I call Admiral Ackbar. Kidding. I don't call it. Yet. You can't lay claim to a costume till like, April.

Also, later this year we're planning on visiting family in Iceland, so that will be a neat trip - a lot of my family came out for our wedding, but I haven't seen most of my Icelandic family since 1987. I don't speak Icelandic. Well, I can count to like 30 and ask for apple juice and more food... really the only things a 5 year old would need to know in Icelandic, but luckily everyone is pretty much bilingual - which makes me feel stupid. Hence my life goal of learning 5 languages. And learning to play the violin.

So, here's to oh-10. It's gonna be great!

Well, really, it's probably going to be just as normal as other years. Lots of good (ie. Lost - we'll finally know everything!), lots of bad (ie. Coco No Go!), and lots of average. So it will be the same. You know, life. Basically I'm happy to be alive... so as long as that's the same, I'm sure I'll be just fine.


  1. Great blog. I can't wait for my awesome party! :)

  2. ack, you gave it away!! and i will teach you how to play the violin :) see? 10yrs of lessons will not go down the drain!


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